Patricks Road offers many opportunities for parents and children. 

Michael Jeh

In 2013, parents from Year 6 and 7 were invited  to listen to Michael Jeh, who, through his work with elite sportspeople, has a great understanding of the challenges facing parents of teenagers.  So impressed were they by this presentation, that we have made this an annual event.

Year 6 students were also enthralled when Michael spoke to them, just prior to the end of the school year.  Hopefully, they can take the skills they learn into their high school years and make decisions which keep them safe from harm. Michael now speaks to our Year 6 students each year.

Upper Primary Sexual Health and Cyber Safety Curriculum

In recent years, we have employed Youth Excel to deliver our Sexual Health and Cyber Safety Curriculum. 

 To download more information including a copy of the content delivered, please click here.

Lunchtime Activities:-

There is a variety of lunchtime activities which involve children of all ages.  These are reliant on the abilities, interests and availability of the teachers involved and can vary from year to year.  The  following interest groups have been in action:-

Sticky Science Club

Science Club is hugely popular!  Our resident science teacher organises two lunchtime activity groups each week, one for younger students and one for older students.  Although the themes are the same, the activities differ according to the abilities of the students.

Students have grown crystals, discovered where best to grow plants, mixed various compounds, made lots of mess, but generally had a very enjoyable time.

Chess Club

A group of students meets each week in the Coffee Cart area to test their skills under the supervision of an interested teacher.  Many students enjoy this quiet time and have improved their technique with increased practice.

Dance Club

Students from different year levels participate in Dance Club at lunchtime, leading to an assembly performance at the end of term.  This club is led by enthusiastic teachers who encourage children in the lower school to participate in this enjoyable activity.

Games and Cards

Two of our teachers give up a lunchtime each week to organise card games, board games and craft activities for our students.  These activities are advertised to our students, so they can participate in the activities they enjoy.

Lego Club

Lego Club caters for children who enjoy construction activities.  It takes place in a classroom under the supervision of a teacher.

Robotics Club

Students who enjoy developing their programming skills can meet weekly in the Robotics Club. There are always very unusual challenges happening in this room! We now have three groups, catering for students of all ages.

Culture Club

Our wonderful LOTE teachers open their classrooms on regular occasions during the lunch hours to allow children to participate in traditional activities from Indonesia and Germany. 



Last reviewed 06 April 2020
Last updated 06 April 2020